SJSU Department of Kinesiology

Qualitative Research Laboratory

Dr. Ted Butryn and Dr. Matthew Masucci serve as the co-directors of the newly established San Jose State University Department of Kinesiology Qualitative Research Laboratory located in Uchida Hall Room 12.  The Qualitative Research Lab provides graduate students and faculty with access to the hardware and software needed to conduct significant and professional qualitative research projects across a range of sport related sub-disciplines.  In addition to providing a dedicated space for faculty to conduct internationally presented research, the lab will be utilized as a hands-on teaching setting where graduate students can learn the fundamentals of qualitative research methods.  The lab is equipped with up to date technological resources including, PCs loaded with qualitative research software (NVivo ), digital and analog recording and transcribing equipment, as well as a dedicated interviewing room with digital audio and video recording capabilities.  Not only will the Qualitative Research Lab will be an important resource for the faculty and students of the Department of Kinesiology, but it will provide a center for research partnerships with other departments across campus.  Please feel free to contact either Dr. Butryn or Dr. Masucci for more information about the current research projects or for a tour of the lab.   



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